Even the most pessimistic of individuals among us generally tend to have a strong belief that nothing overtly bad will ever end up occurring during their lifetime. However, stepping out into the real world will show you that it is only a matter of time before something unexpected occurs. These unexpected situations can blindside you regardless of how much effort you put into predicting and mitigated them, since chances are that they could happen without any prior indication or warning.

A great example of what we are discussing here is a breakdown in your romantic affiliations with an individual whom you loved more than anything else in this world. The only thought that would be able to exist inside of your current headspace would involve getting your ex girlfriend to love you back at any cost, but suffice it to say that this is not a healthy way for you to be thinking right now. After all, break ups can be tense and trying to rekindle the relationship too quickly could potentially make matters worse than they already are.

What you should consider at such intervals is to focus on yourself for a chance. There is a small level of likelihood that you were to blame for the breakup, and if that is the case you need to be aware of your flaws. Going to therapy can be a great way to recognize as well as understand the flaws in your character which are causing such huge problems to arise. You might also learn that the problem was with your ex rather than you, which would tell you that you probably shouldn’t try to get back with her.