Before installing a solar panel, how to know if solar will work on your roof? It must be the first thing that you should know before investing in a solar panel. Space, sun, and location determine whether a home can be updated with a solar panel or not. Saving the planet and money through using solar energy has been appealing.

Not every home is a good or ideal candidate though. So, you need to know and decide whether your house is a viable option to install solar panels or not.

The Energy Commission speaks!

A solar system needs unobstructed access to the sun’s rays for most or all day. The easiest way to check the home for solar viability is to ask Mr. Google. A particular home gets 1, 830 hours of usable sunlight every year and a 1, 425 sq. ft. for solar panels.

A solar panel may only be available to some locations. If you are living in an area that doesn’t cover any sun rays, determine how much sun the home gets with just a few steps. Nearby buildings or trees may block the sun. It could mean a considerable loss in energy outcome.

When the roof gets full sun, check outside and check a few times within the day. Secondly, find out how many days the sun the area of the country gets yearly. Locating the solar location on solar maps is an easy way to get good estimates. If the area of the country is receiving very little sun, you can’t go for solar.

A south-facing roof is an ideal location for a solar unit. A roof should be flat and with no obstructions, such as:

  • Chimney
  • Vents
  • Antennas

West-facing and east-facing roofs are also a good option since it is where it gets a lot of sun rays. If the area of your roof is north-facing and doesn’t have much-unobstructed area for solar panels, then it is not a good candidate. If you are decided, it is time for you to figure out whether your roof area is an ideal candidate for solar panels.

If not, then don’t try to install it since it will be just useless. You will end up investing for nothing. Instead of reducing your energy bill, you are just making another expense. Solar panels can be affordable and help you save money to cut costly energy bills, but when your area is not ideal for solar panels, then don’t go for it.