Overwrapping is a commonly protective material that is used for packaging as well as safety of the product cartons and bulk cartons. This is a kind of stretchable plastic, which wraps products for the protective purposes. Generally, thickness of the wraps is 37 to 80 gauges.

However, there is the best quality Overwrapping Machine that is of 90 gauges. These days, robot working is also making progress as well as ease human work. The wrapping machines are generally used in several big industries for packaging of the bulk products. There’re several sizes of the stretch wrapping machines, however they mainly differ in the height, weight, and width that machines will bear.

What’s Overwrapping?

Pouch packing is one where the product is perfectly sealed inside a pouch and is seal proof while in overwrapping carton is only wrapped with the thin plastic layer, the layer isn’t stuck to a carton.

The wrapping doesn’t have any kind of sealing fin, it isn’t done for just products but done on the cartons too. The packing is value addition that gives proper confirmation to buyer that the product isn’t tampered and used by anybody.

The plastic layer is thin and you can’t even notice this from the distance. Carton may remain in showcase with the packing that has got plain envelope style of folding.

Improves Productivity

The production process streamlining always has been a very important goal for manufacturing businesses. The automatic wrapping machine generally allows the business to maximize the efficiency without even sacrificing on quality of finished products.